Technology Tuesday - Yoga with Adriene

How often do you skip the gym because it’s just too hard to get there or you don’t have time at the end of each day? For those of those of us that find ourselves in that boat, we can turn to technology to get that workout in at home.

Adriene has created a company called “Yoga with Adriene” where you can watch videos on her YouTube station or website. I love her approachable perspective on yoga and the ease of being able to do a guided session on demand. There are lots of videos for beginners, more advanced, weight loss, reducing stress or working to establish a daily practice.

For 2016 she started a new series called “Yoga Camp” which features 30 days of yoga and a new video for each day. If you are looking to start a new routine, the series is a nice way to get a lot of variety and using the schedule you will build on each day.

Yoga in general is good for your body but also has many mental health benefits. Through yoga you learn skills to help you with deep breathing, mindfulness and getting in touch with your body to be fully present. Yoga with Adriene makes it easy to start or end your day with a session from the comfort and convenience of your own home.