Founders and Entrepreneurs Therapy in San Francisco

Founders, Entrepreneurs and Early-Stage Start-Up People

You are living in this exciting, innovative universe of the Silicon Valley and technology, you are a thought leader who is going to make change in this world and you are a creating a talented team that shares your same passion and drive.


Fundraising, hitting the product launch deadlines, and the responsibility of others depending on you leaves you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. This is compounded by the feelings of isolation and the cultural acceptance and normalization of 60+ hour weeks and burnout. There are days you just don’t want to get out of bed or you make it out of bed and at the end of the day there is nothing left in the tank for you much less your relationships.

You are tired of facing this alone but fear the repercussions of being vulnerable and honest in the competitive environment of the Silicon Valley. Or the greater fear that once you are really honest about how you are feeling it will be like you opened Pandora’s box and can’t control it.

You are not alone and I am here to support you. I will collaborate with you to learn ways to cope in these stressful situations and figure out what work/life balance means for your life.  Our work will go further and reflect on how to lead, be the best version of yourself and strengthen your relationships. There is often a great cost of being a founder or working for an early-stage start-up and I recognize that.

Your story, experience and challenges are unique and I know we can work together to make things better, so I hope you contact me to set up a free phone consultation.

Why Do I Work with Founders and Start-Up People?

You might be wondering why I care about this or why do I focus a large part of my practice on people like you? Well here is an abbreviated version of the why…

My own passion for start-ups, technology and entrepreneurship comes from experiencing it first-hand as I was a part of a small start-up’s growth, acquisition and transition into the corporate world. When I started as the first non-technical hire in the company, I quickly discovered how much I loved the creativity, collaboration and passion that was a part of each person in the start-up world. I also began to watch how the unique challenges and stresses of being in start-ups began to wear on people personally, professionally and in their relationships and no one was asking for help or knew how to find the type of support they needed.

When I started my private practice it seemed like a natural focus to cross my passion around psychology and counseling with the start-up community I had grown to love and appreciate. I believe having experienced start-up life and entrepreneurship firsthand, I offer unique understanding, compassion and support to my clients. I also hope that by actively focusing on founders and those working in early stage start-ups that I can shift the conversation and culture to create more acceptance, understanding and prioritization of mental health and wellness for founders and people working in the Silicon Valley.

Let’s talk.

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