About Me

Hi! I’m Michelle. My passion is to help people be, and do their best.

Stuff happens, and there are times when we can find ourselves feeling stressed, anxious, hopeless, confused and overwhelmed – and this is where I can help.

I’m a therapist, but you might also call me a journey companion, a life guide and a courage crusader. I work with you to understand your experiences and can help you become more present so you can find greater fulfillment in your life, relationships and career.

Through wisdom gained on my own path and years of work as a counselor, I’ve learned that we often recognize that “something” isn’t working, but there is a deep-rooted fear around being vulnerable. We are hesitant to get support, invest in ourselves, and we worry whether or not someone we hardly know will really understand our problems and life. However, I’ve also realized the moment we tell someone we need support, and ask for help is when the hope for real change can begin.

Michelle Horton Therapy MFT San Francisco

My work with you reflects the values of my practice:

Acceptance & Compassion

Offering a safe space where you are accepted for where you are, and who you are, without judgment.

Hope & Courage

Identify and express your hopes while discovering the courage and strength within to do deep work that makes real change.


Trust allows us to work together to meet goals and have honest conversations grounded in understanding.


Acknowledge and allow things to seem hard and dark while having room for humor, perspective and growth from that difficult place. Joy says, “You will be ok.”

I consider you as the expert on your life and want to work with you to find the best version of yourself and achieve healthy outcomes in all areas your life. Most things in life are not black and white. I’m here to help you explore in that gray area.

I believe that vulnerability supported in kindness and understanding will change the world. To learn more about my approach and practice, contact me for a free phone consultation.

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Education and Experience (the formal bio)

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy – Pepperdine University GSEP
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Pepperdine University

Throughout my career as a therapist I’ve worked extensively in private practice and community mental health settings since 2008 providing individual, couples, family and group therapy to children, teens, parents and adult individuals.

My areas of focus include working with entrepreneurs, founders and those in the start-up and technology industries, life transitions such as moving, changing jobs, marriage, beginning parenthood, leaving a relationship, and couple and family support. Helping individuals that may be struggling with depression, anxiety, stress management, cross-cultural issues or self-esteem.

I work with a broad range of clients from different socioeconomic, ethnic, sexual and cultural backgrounds while providing a safe and accepting space to explore each person’s unique experience. As an ally I also enjoy working with the LGBTQ community and their loved ones.

Prior to becoming a licensed therapist, I worked in a technology start-up and thrived on being part of team that grew from five people to an eventual acquisition by a large public company. I continue to be a part of the start-up community by providing therapy for founders and early-stage start-up employees, as well as serving as an advisor for start-ups focused on mental wellness and personal development.

When I’m not working as a therapist you might find me trying a new restaurant in SF, camping in the Redwoods, walking my dog, reading a book or grabbing coffee with a friend. I enjoy volunteering my time and advising for non-profits promoting youth leadership and organizations focused on the advancement of women in the workplace.

I’m available for speaking engagements, panels, guest blogging and workshops. Please contact me for more details.

Professional Affiliations

  • Open Path Therapy Collective

Selected Trainings and Conferences

  • Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training with PSI (Postpartum Support International) 2020 MOM (2019)
  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator with Brené Brown (2017)
  • EMDR Basic Training (2017)
  • The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference (2017)
  • The Couples Conference – Attachment, Differentiation & Neuroscience (2016)
  • Mindful Self-Compassion – 8 Week Course (2016)
  • Containing the Chaos: Couples Therapy Assessment and Initial Sessions (2015)
  • Trauma-Focused CBT Certification (2014)
  • Motivational Interviewing (2015)
  • Narrative Therapy (2015)
  • Traumatic Grief (2015)
  • Working with LGBTQQI Youth (2014)
  • Community Mental Health Seminar Series (2014-2015)
  • The Greater Good Gratitude Summit (2014)
  • Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1 Training Certification (2014)
  • Crucial Conversations Trainer Training (2012)
  • CAMFT Thought Leadership Workshop (2010)
  • Positive Psychology and Incorporating Mindfulness (2009)
  • The Couples Conference (2009)
  • The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference (2009)

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