Leadership in 2017

Whether you are the founder of your company or a first time manager, it’s important to be developing your leadership skills.  Being intentional about your leadership helps take care of your team, your company and yourself.

Looking for some ideas about how you can be a better leader in the upcoming year? I shared a few thoughts here.

Friday Finds + Olympics Weekend

final five sports psychology

Have you been watching the Olympics? Along with the usual Friday Finds I included some Olympic and sports psychology related articles in today’s post. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

Simple trick to help with anxiety.

Overcoming imposter syndrome with presence.

Trying to decide if individual therapy or couples therapy will help with your relationship?

How a sports psychology coach helped Simone Biles and the mental side of competing.

“It’s ok to ask for help” – Gold medalist Allison Schmitt’s story of overcoming depression and going to Rio.

Friday Finds + Peaceful Weekend

friday finds san francisco therapy

It’s Friday! I’m wishing you a peaceful weekend and hoping you get some time to prioritize and do some self-care. Here are some interesting links from the week:

How do you experience shame?

What happens to your body when you don’t sleep.

Ways to prevent your friendships from starving to death.

50 tips to overcome worry, be a friendlier person and be a more effective leader.

Ever stuck overthinking things and can’t get your wheels to stop spinning?

Moving from “small talk” to “medium talk.”

HONY “I knew a girl in high school that always complained about having anxiety…”

Friday Finds + Valentine’s Weekend

It’s Friday. I’m wishing you all a great weekend and hoping you have Monday off to enjoy some extra relaxation and fun. Here are some interesting articles from the week.

In case you missed it, I wrote an article for Psyched Magazine about “The Bubble Burst Already Happening in the Silicon Valley”

What romance looks like after 10 years of marriage. “You want to muddle through the messiness of life together as long as you possibly can.”

Ev Williams, Medium CEO on growing a company while having kids. “The work is never done. And the fear still exists. But when your work is your baby and you have actual babies at home, you enter a guilt-if-you-do/guilt-if-you-don’t situation when you work beyond a reasonable amount.”

A father and son share their story to challenge the stereotypes of Austism.

5 ways to manage performance anxiety at work.

Ever felt guilty and said yes when you really wanted to say no?

The cost of the college admissions process for teens.

The Bubble Burst Already Happening in the Silicon Valley

The stress, anxiety and depression impacting founders and startup employees in San Francisco

Living in the Silicon Valley and being surrounded by the never-ending list of startups, stories of raising rents, successful IPOs, companies struggling to meet aggressive expectations, and employees being poached for crazy high salaries and luxurious benefits means that the question of when or if the bubble will burst is often coming up in conversation or can be overheard your neighborhood coffee shop.

I’m not here to theorize when a repeat of the dot.com era is going to happen, because as a San Francisco therapist specializing in startup employees and founders (and a former startup employee myself) I am already focused on the “Emotional Bubble Bursts” that are happening daily…Read the rest of my article at Psyched Magazine.