It’s Friday. I’m wishing you all a great weekend and hoping you have Monday off to enjoy some extra relaxation and fun. Here are some interesting articles from the week.

In case you missed it, I wrote an article for Psyched Magazine about “The Bubble Burst Already Happening in the Silicon Valley”

What romance looks like after 10 years of marriage. “You want to muddle through the messiness of life together as long as you possibly can.”

Ev Williams, Medium CEO on growing a company while having kids. “The work is never done. And the fear still exists. But when your work is your baby and you have actual babies at home, you enter a guilt-if-you-do/guilt-if-you-don’t situation when you work beyond a reasonable amount.”

A father and son share their story to challenge the stereotypes of Austism.

5 ways to manage performance anxiety at work.

Ever felt guilty and said yes when you really wanted to say no?

The cost of the college admissions process for teens.