My Services and Focus

As a woman in your 20s and 30s living in San Francisco, you are often managing a balancing act of changes in your career, friendships, relationships and defining your purpose and identity. These changes and transitions come with different successes, failures and questions… Learn more.

You are living in this exciting, innovative universe of the Silicon Valley and technology, you are a thought leader who is going to make change in this world and you are a creating a talented team that shares your same passion and drive… Learn more.

You often seek out therapy when you are feeling vulnerable, in pain and uncertain about what to do next to fix the problem. Maybe you are looking for growth and deeper understanding of who you are and who you want to be… Learn more.

Going to couples therapy can be the best investment you make in your relationship at any stage of life. Relationships can be wonderful and fulfilling but also complicated and difficult… Learn more.

Creating a family can include many different chapters of life, full of various developmental milestones, relationships and transitions and it often looks different for each family. It can be overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time… Learn more.