We’ve made it to Friday once again and I hope it’s been a good week for you. I’m looking forward to enjoying the calm before the storm of Superbowl week in San Francisco. Some interesting links for this week:

A founder shares his story and perspective about founding a start-up and poverty. “Building and sustaining a company ‘that is designed to grow fast’ is especially hard if you grew up poor.”

The 2 criteria you are being judged on when you first meet someone.

Research shows that kids as young as 6 months old can sense their parents distress. What happens to kids when parents fight.

You may have seen Kristen Belle and Dax Shepard’s tribute to Toto and Africa and many people declaring their #relationshipgoals. Now look at this article about their experience in couples therapy and how it strengthened their relationship.

New recommendations this week about depression screenings during pregnancy and after birth.

Any thoughts on the new Barbie dolls with new skin tones, shapes, eyes colors and hair textures? Will they make a difference in the body image and self-esteem messages being sent to children?

How to thrive (and survive) as an introvert in an extroverted workplace.

Do you have a frenemy at work? Why it might be a good thing.

Have a great weekend everyone.