TGIF. I hope you have a great weekend whether you are a sports fan enjoying the Super Bowl festivities or trying to escape all the action and get some relaxation. Here are some interesting articles from the week.

How rescued parrots are reaching veterans suffering from PTSD. “…whenever I asked any of them how it is that the parrots succeed in connecting where human therapists and fellow group-therapy members can’t, the answer seemed to lie precisely in the fact that parrots are alien intelligences: parallel, analogously wounded minds that know and feel pain deeply and yet at a level liberatingly beyond the prescriptive confines of human language and prejudices.”

What lessons from failed relationships can teach you about leadership.

A woman’s powerful story about learning self-worth and therapy from Mashable’s #mindfulallies series.

Why you should stop using the phrase “mentally ill.

10 thoughts that people have during a panic attack.